Lavendar Lemonade, Laughter & Friends in Sarasota


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Restaurant In Review: Caramel Cafe’ & Wine Bar in Sarasota, FL

What did Lavendar Lemonade, Laughter & Friends in Sarasota have in common you ask? A much needed night of laughs, great food, drinks and non-stop talking between two moms or an easier way to sum it all up – GNO (girls night out). Sometimes you just need a break from all of the wonderful chaos that goes along with being a WAHM (work at home mom). I drive around Sarasota daily going to and from activities and I pass destinations and restaurants that go on my list of must-try-out.

Here is my review of one of those places I pass by often called Caramel Cafe’ & Wine Bar . I drive by so many times and wonder whether it is worth going in or not. Truth be told, it looks like it would be a place that kids wouldn’t appreciate (if you know what I mean). Now from experience, I can tell you that it most definitely is a restaurant that I will visit again. The specialty drink of the month was the Lavendar Lemonade (recipe), which was refreshing and full of flavor. I signed up for their rewards program and received a free flatbread- who doesn’t love free stuff- well I certainly do!

The Experience

They give you an iPad to place your order, which for us was a nice option, considering that when we get together it’s like a non-stop conversation full of laughing, lots of hand-gestures, and what may seem to others as loud talking. But I can assure you, it’s just two moms recapping the past month’s life situations from potty training to the more serious upcoming Relay for Life event. Back to the iPad, you place your order for drinks, food, etc. all on your own timeframe.

The Truth

While I enjoy the fact that they incorporate technology into their dining atmosphere, but I do have a few caveats. I’m a little skeptical as to how well it works for those who aren’t as familiar with an iPad. As much as it was fun to use, especially for a first time experience, I still think I prefer to order with a person. Also, for this specific night out it was without children, so the more I can converse with my friends, be “waited on” by someone, and just enjoy the ambiance – the more relaxing and enjoyable the experience will be. All in all I give it a thumbs up for an adult night out!


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