Though She Be But Little, She Is Fierce


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Fierce: showing a heartfelt and powerful intensity.


As a mom, watching your baby water ski is one of the most nerve racking yet proud moments I’ve had. The photo above was in 2013, so our oldest daughter was barely five at the time. We were at our annual family vacation at “The Lake” (or for anyone not from Missouri, Lake of the Ozarks). The weather was awful and this was her only opportunity to be “just like daddy”.  She got up on her first try!


Fast forward to this year! My husband’s dreams came true and we bought a boat (it’s not fancy but it does the trick). Now that we have a boat in Florida, we can officially live the true salt life. Of course once you get a boat, you need to add all of the accessories and that means trips to West Marine every week, sometimes multiple times. The newest purchase was a set of trainer skis.


Why of course, you need to head to the beach immediately after purchasing said skis to give them a try, at least that is what the two of them convinced me of. They decided that since it was a school night (and the boat was not an option in my mind), the beach test run was a fabulous alternative. So, we threw on our suits, packed up the skis, drove to Lido Beach and this happened.


First you must get the skis wet. I’m pretty sure that they both went through all of these antics to make me feel like this was an absolute necessary trip to the beach and not just a chance for the two of them to take a dip in the ocean. Next, well next, we became the sight to see (looking back, I must admit it was pretty spectacular). Lola would float in the start position and Jeff would take off running up the beach. Lean back, arms around the knees, wait for it and then slowly stand up….sure enough it worked and she was skiing from the ocean onto the beach much like the Ski-A-Ree show participants do when they get slung from the water onto the dock.


And, just in case anyone was wondering where she picked up this desire to ski or do anything involving water, the answer is in the picture below. Her DAD!

{Jeff skiing at 3 years old}




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