5 Books To Help You Find Peace During The Impossible

5 Books to Help You Find Peace in Difficult Times

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The year 2020 started in the most usual way – ringing in a new year with dreams, goals and resolutions. But three months in and it has come to a screeching halt – like a literal stop that no one would or could expect – a global pandemic. Just typing the words brings up uncertain feelings and the thought of “can this be real”.

I vacillate between calm and anxious depending on the moment. My introverted self is thrilled to not have the dreadful feeling of deciding whether or not to say “no” to the next event, engaging in small talk or the never-ending cycle of busyness. But then the thrill fades to the realization that this is not sustainable- sickness looming, business’ closed, people closed off to the world outside, jobs lost and kids being “home” schooled. Yes, I am thankful for the online connections we can still maintain, but people are meant for human interaction – even those of us that prefer silence and being by ourselves.

There is a big difference between choosing to have some quiet space and being forced to stay cut off from human touch. We were not created to be behind screens with no real community.

Practical ways to find Peace

As I always do when I find myself in a place of questioning, impatience and feeling unsettled – read it. memorize it. live it.

1. Read It

Which book you may ask? My first answer is your Bible. It offers words of wisdom, peace, love and truth. If you are looking for a good study Bible, I recommend this one.

After you read your Bible, if you are like me and love to read, here is a list of books perfect for helping you find ways to overcome your struggles:

2. Memorize It

Memorizing scripture verses will remind you of the hope we have even when the world is falling apart.

Check out our Anchored In The Word Scripture Cards.

3. Live It. 

We can’t just hear the Word but we must be doers of the Word. There is an action involved. Pray! God is waiting for you to communicate with Him. Name your fears, struggles, weakness and then turn them over to God.


Once you have done those things, put them on your calendar and make it a daily habit. Peace is not only possible but guaranteed!


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