Capsule Wardrobe for Fall

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"Life has a way of testing our anchors and tempting us to drift. Nevertheless, if our anchors are correctly placed in the Rock, they will hold—no matter the force of the wind, the strength of the tide, or the height of the waves."

Capsule Wardrobe: a collection of a few essential items of clothing that will not go out of fashion, such as skirts, trousers, and coats, which can then be augmented with seasonal pieces.


So, I decided that trying a capsule wardrobe would help minimize clutter in my closet and boost my style morale. I’ve been using it for over a week and it’s one of the best decisions I’ve made regarding my attire. I didn’t have to buy anything, although a camel colored pair of shorts would be a great addition to compliment all of my navy blue.

I’m extremely predictable when it comes to what I wear. It usually consists of navy blue, white, black, stripes, and any kind of anchor embellishment. I tried to stay with 33 items and follow the rules (because I am a rule follower) but because it is still so hot in Florida I decided that I had to include a variety of tops and bottoms to accommodate the weather. For fall, some of the items I included were:

  • several tank tops (solids & prints, casual & 2 dressy)
  • 3 pair of shorts (navy, black and denim)
  • 1 pair of skinny jeans
  • 2 pair of pencil pants (black and cobalt blue, one of pantones fall colors)
  • several lightweight sweaters (navy, lime green, denim)
  • several long sleeve tops
  • polka dot button up top (one of my favorites)
{Capsule Wardrobe for Fall: pants, shorts, denim}

I also added back in a pair of kelly green matchstick jeans (not shown) that I had alterations made on. I must say they are one of my favs, but it is still sweltering hot in Florida so they will have to wait a bit to be worn.

{Capsule Wardrobe for Fall: tanks, blouses, t-shirts.


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