The Bible Recap

The Bible Recap

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Have you ever closed your Bible and thought, What did I just read? Or maybe you have tried to read through the Bible in a year, but quit when it felt confusing or impersonal. The Bible Recap is here to help. Tara-Leigh Cobble, host of the popular Bible Recap podcast, walks readers through a one-year chronological Bible reading plan and explains each day’s passage in an easy-to-understand way. Emphasizing how God’s character can be seen throughout Scripture, the recaps are simple and short yet deep enough to help you understand the hard parts and press into knowing God better. As Cobble says, The primary role of Scripture is to show me who God is, and if I behold God, my life will naturally conform around what I learn about him. The Bible Recap will not only help you understand the entire narrative of the Bible, it will fortify your faith.

I was introduced to Tara-Leigh Cobble via her podcast and knew that I wanted to read The Bible Recap right away. First, you will need a Bible to accompany this book as the scriptures are not within the text. It is a companion book, resource and guide of sorts. It packs so much into it, I’m not exactly sure what to label it. Cobble breaks down a chronological reading of the Bible into daily readings of several chapters. The Bible Recap then does exactly that – recaps what you read in the scriptures and ends with a paragraph on how to apply it to life. It truly is unlike any other Bible study resource I have used. It is meant to be used as a year long reading guide and resource. It is a great way to hold yourself accountable to reading through the Bible. It would be a great resource for a church library, book club, life group or any other study group.


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