How to Listen so Your Kids Will Talk

How to Listen So Your Kids Will Talk

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Good parenting depends on good communication. The problem is, we parents tend to over-talk. Not only is this ineffective, it discourages children from sharing what’s on their hearts. In this immensely practical book, communications expert Becky Harling shares the best listening practices to transform your family’s relationships and set your children up for success, including how to – help them express their feelings in healthy ways – listen to affirm their strengths – model how to navigate conflict with grace – listen to God, knowing that he “bends down to listen” to us (Psalm 116:2 nlt) Whether your son or daughter is in preschool, grade school, or high school, intentional listening will help them feel heard, valued, and empowered to find their unique voice. The practices you put into place now will set a foundation for strong relationships into adulthood.

Talk less, Listen more – this applies to every relationship but so much more with your children! As parents we tend to do a lot of talking, correcting and educating but Becky Harling knows that listening is key to deepen our connection with our kids. She has filled the pages with practical ways to engage your children and ends each chapter with “Wisdom Tools”.  These Wisdom Tools include scripture, questions, and age-appropriate guidance. This book is not one you skim through but rather one that you will highlight, dog ear pages and re-read. How to Listen So Your Kids Will Talk is a tool that will bring you and your children into a deeper relationship.


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