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Lanai: a veranda or porch. (back in Missouri it would be a porch or patio, in Florida it’s always a lanai)


Cold coffee snob would definitely be how I would describe my coffee addiction. I began trying to brew it at home in my own kitchen, in an attempt to break my habit of dropping by Panera Bread (or BreadCo if you are from St. Louis, it originated there). Sometimes I think my obsession with Panera’s was simply because it made me feel as though I was stopping by an old, familiar place just like home. My attempts were complete failure! Everything from Pioneer Woman’s recipe to Panera’s ground coffee blend and everything in between. Brewing cold coffee is very different than brewing hot coffee, even though Keurig would have you believe that you can just add ice to a cup and hit the brew button. BLECH! Although Pioneer Woman’s recipe was the only one I could manage to sip and enjoy, it still didn’t measure up and it was a not a quick task. I’m a busy mom and I don’t have extended moments in my kitchen to waste on brewing cold coffee.

After a quick stop in the downtown Starbucks during their cold treat BOGO offers (the only time my hubby asks to go there, he’s not a coffee fan although he wants to be), I noticed the above cold brew pot. Simple was an understatement on my exact thoughts as to how this could actually brew my perfect cold coffee, but then again it is Starbucks and they do know a thing or two about coffee. And then my overanalyzing brain goes into overdrive. Yes, they know coffee, but they also know marketing! So, this could just be one of those marketing gimmicks. It’s a two piece pitcher with no electricity for pete’s sake!

Much to my surprise, my hubby took note of me inspecting the pot and he brought one home the next day with a FREE pound of Starbucks Kati Kati blend coffee. Immediately I went to work, followed the directions in the box, and once it finished brewing I put the pitcher in the refrigerator. And…….

{Recipe: 16 tbsp finely ground coffee & 24 fl. oz. hot (not boiling) water}


I pulled the pitcher out (I add ice to my cup not to the coffee pitcher as suggested), poured until my cup was half full of coffee, filled the rest of the cup with milk, added a pinch of sugar, screwed the lid on, took a big sip and mmmm, mmmm, mmmm! I couldn’t stop drinking it! I finally found the answer to the perfect cold coffee brew, and it was so simple it made my drink that much more magical. It’s double strength (the secret to cold brew) and this pitcher lasts me about 5 days. I have even tried different blends from The Fresh Market and they all turn out perfect, every single time. So, I will raise a cup of coffee to toast to the perfect cold brew! Cheers!

{Fill cup with ice, then pour coffee to a little over half full, add milk to the top, pinch of sugar = Iced Coffee perfection}


Sipping on my morning joe as I type.


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