Splits, Headstands and Downward Dog

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No, I can’t actually do the splits! Headstands maybe, but I’m bound to have a headache and look like a fool. But downward dog, yes, that I actually can do and can I say that I love it! I have always been interested in Pilates but felt like Yoga was a bit too odd. Not that I mind the practice of meditation or  funny words like “namaste”, but I just didn’t think it would be fast enough or do much for me. Buoy, I was wrong! I don’t remember what I was searching for on the internet, but I ended up at Stay-At-Home Yoga and it is one of the best fitness decisions I’ve made both mentally and physically. With one child in school, the other a busy toddler, school pickup and drop off and everything else I do, I felt like there was no time for joining a gym or yoga studio. And if I did, I was pretty confident that I would not relax and actually enjoy the workout.


{ Don’t judge my downward dog, as it is a work in progress}

The best part about virtual yoga classes at Stay-At-Home Yoga is that I don’t worry about an exact time, what I’m wearing, packing up any mats or how much time I have available. I simply decide that day what works for me: a 5 minute break, 3 pose shorts, focusing on a specific pose or an hour long session. It’s all up to ME!

I also enjoy the community of the group with a Facebook group of everyone who is a member. Jennifer, the owner, is very kind and answered all of my questions up front. If you are looking for something that you can do at home that will provide fitness and a mental break, I highly recommend Stay-At-Home Yoga!

So for now, Namaste!


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