Facing Your Fears: A Navy SEAL’s Guide to Conquering Your Doubts

Facing Your Fears by Don Mann; Kraig Becker

Book Synopsis

Wisdom and Inspiration to Help You Overcome Your Doubts from a New York Times Bestselling Author A former Navy SEAL and current motivational speaker, Don Mann specializes in helping others achieve success in every aspect of life— personal and professional—by using techniques employed by Navy SEALs. In Facing Your Fears, Mann zeroes in on finding ways to cope with the fear and anxieties readers face in their lives, no matter what they may be. This volume includes three subsections dedicated to helping the reader cope with his or her doubts and worries: Identifying Your Fears Embracing the Fear Letting Go of the Fear Featuring practical advice, inspirational quotes, engaging stories, and interesting anecdotes, Facing Your Fears will give readers the tools they need to triumph in the face of adversity.

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