Over the Line

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“You have something we want. We have something you want.” Gabriella has never forgiven her former fiancé, homicide detective Eli Cavazos, for breaking her heart. Then a man she’s never met shows up at her restaurant, a bullet in his chest and her brother’s name on his lips. Gabby soon realizes this man is connected to a powerful ring of criminals who know far too much about her. Against her better judgment, Gabby turns to Eli for help in finding her brother. When she receives a cryptic text from her brother’s cell phone, she realizes she is in deep and may be dragging Eli down with her. With her brother nowhere to be found and pain from her past threatening to overwhelm her, Gabby wonders how she will make it through this unexpected quest unscathed—or alive. Taking us into the heat of Laredo, Texas, the secrets of a gun-smuggling ring, and the tensions on both sides of the border, Over the Line will keep you guessing until the last page.
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Over the Line brings to light mainstream topics and real life struggles. It includes gun smuggling, murder, immigration, border control and more. I appreciated the variety of people as well,  from Natalie (the main character’s sister) being in a wheelchair to Eli (the main male character) who is trying to stay clear of old habits. The author weaves these topics into the storyline well and develops the backstory throughout. There are two romances that are developing, which is a good contrast and keeps you coming back.

Overall it did move a bit slow for me and took a bit to get into. The relationship between the main characters was a bit frustrating at times. If you are looking for a suspenseful romance with mainstream headlines, you will enjoy Over the Line.


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