Fight Your Fears

Fight Your Fears

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What are you afraid of? You could probably fill this page with a list of your fears. Fears about the future; fears about your health, job, and family; fears about inadequacy and failure (and maybe success); fears about how much fear itself seems to affect your decisions, plans, and growth in this life. You might even fear what God thinks about your fears. After all, in his Word God commands us not to be afraid hundreds of times. But how is this possible? We’re troubled by evil, we’re slammed with bad news, and we can’t know what tomorrow will bring. How can we learn to trust God and not be afraid? Kristen Wetherell is in the fight with you. She is a fearful fellow traveler on the road of the Christian life, making strides alongside you in this battle. In Fight Your Fears she carefully searches 10 of God’s great and precious promises, equipping you with the practical tools to overcome the fears and anxious thoughts that are robbing you of your joy. Each chapter ends with Scripture exercises, a memory verse, questions to ponder, and a prayer. Discover truths that will bring peace to your soul as you learn to fear God and nothing else.

In this crazy world we live in, we are all fighting fears – even those of us who won’t admit it. Worry, anxiety, and fear steal our joy every day. We know we need to trust God, but when you are afraid and fighting these battles it is easy to lose sight of that. With Fight Your Fears, you will be able to find the resources you need to conquer these enemies.

Kristen Wetherell has knocked it out of the park with Fight Your Fears. She writes in a clear, concise and thoughtful way. This book is one you will want to sit with, mark in, & re-read. It’s the kind of book you let simmer deep within. The pages are packed with scripture references for practical application. It’s not a surface level devotional, but rather a deep dive into the center of fear and what God has to say about it. Kristen ends each chapter with tools you can use: ponder, preserve, prepare, pray. We don’t have to live in fear, because we have freedom in God’s promises. If you need a resource to help you find the truth about fear- God’s truth, Fight Your Fears is the guide you need. It would also be a great book to gift to someone you know who is struggling with worry, fear and anxiety.


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