Snowman at Lido Beach


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Lido Beach: since the opening of Lido Key to automobile traffic in 1926, Lido Beach has been a popular spot for sunbathers. More than 3,000 feet of pristine white sand beach located on Lido Key, one half mile southwest of St. Armand’s Circle, on Ben Franklin Drive. 


Headed to the beach for the first time this season, FINALLY! I know we live in Florida, but it is NOT warm enough year round to take kids to the beach. Oh sure, it’s fine if you are single or retired and bring a chair, book and blanket and sit facing the sun with your feet in the sand. Bringing kids to the beach is an entirely different experience, as you can never just bring three items and keeping your kids out of the water is nearly impossible. My hubby loves to swim in the ocean, but even he has limits on the water temperature, somehow the kids have no gauge when it comes to freezing water.

Snowman at Lido Beach

So, we avoid going to the beach until we are prepared for the parental consequences that come with it. My husband is always trying to cut down on what we have to bring with us and inevitably, that means we don’t bring something that is a “must-have”. I keep trying to tell him that with two kids, bringing everything but the kitchen sink is necessary, heck even that would be a great item to have.



I keep trying to pin every beach tip I find on Pinterest, hoping I can somehow come up with the perfect amount of things needed for the beach. But let’s be honest, I’d rather have everything I need. Because nobody and I do mean nobody wants to walk back to the car to get a necessary item that we left in the trunk because someone (ahem, won’t mention names) thought we wouldn’t need it. Just so everyone knows, even those of us that live in Florida look like pack mules going to the beach. But if you want to know if someone is a tourist, they are SWIMMING in the freezing cold water in bikinis and speedos. Hey we all know that if you spent the money to come to a warm place during winter months, then you better make the best of it and send the photos back home that look like you are sweating your tush off and enjoying the beautiful (secretly freezing cold) ocean and warm (not really) sand. No worries, we will keep your secret!


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