5 Books to Help You Find Peace in Uncertain Times

5 Books to Help you Find Peace in Uncertain Times | Coast + Anchor
Anchored in the Word | Coast + Anchor | Sara Hinrichs

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finding peace when it seems impossible

The year 2020 started in the most usual way – ringing in a new year with dreams, goals and resolutions. But three months in and it has come to a screeching halt – like a literal stop that no one would or could expect – a global pandemic. Just typing the words brings up uncertain feelings and the thought of “can this be real”.

I vacillate between calm and anxious depending on the moment. My introverted self is thrilled to not have the dreadful feeling of deciding whether or not to say “no” to the next event, engaging in small talk or the never-ending cycle of busyness. But then the thrill fades to the realization that this is not sustainable- sickness looming, business’ closed, people closed off to the world outside, jobs lost and kids being “home” schooled. Yes, I am thankful for the online connections we can still maintain, but people are meant for human interaction – even those of us that prefer silence and being by ourselves.

There is a big difference between choosing to have some quiet space and being forced to stay cut off from human touch. We were not created to be behind screens with no real community. So, as I always do when I find myself in a place of questioning, impatience and feeling unsettled – I open a book.  I also print out scripture verses to remind me of the hope I have in God’s Word. You can find the current printable here.

I also want to recommend these 5 books that I assure you, will help you find peace, joy and God in the midst of this uncertain storm that is brewing all around us.

In Want & Plenty

Meredith McDaniel guides you through Exodus and finding the manna that God is providing in your current season. She is a licensed counselor who brings all of her gifts to the table in order to guide you on a journey to finding God right where you are. It is not just a book to read, but rather work through page by page. The tools are right inside the book and lead you through the ebb and flow of life.

Get Out of Your Head

Get Out of Your Head

Our thoughts can hold us captive and lead us down dark roads that we never knew were even out there. You won't find pop-culture methods such as "just think positive thoughts" in this powerful, Bible packed read. Jennie Allen brings honesty, vulnerability and truth to equip you with the tools you need to Get Out of Your Head.

For All Who Wander: Why Knowing God Is Better than Knowing It All by Robin Dance (in)courage

For All Who Wander

When Sunday school answers just aren't good enough and your longing to believe is in conflict with your uncertain faith, you will find guidance to stay the course. Robin Dance writes about being in a spiritual desert that seems unending at times and reminds us that where you are today will not be forever. Deep wisdom through her story and example shine like a bright light in a dark sky.

Fight Your Fears by Kristen Wetherell

Fight Your Fears

Fear can overwhelm our thoughts and real anxiety can manifest through those fears. Even though God commands us to not be afraid, how is this possible? Kristen Wetherell delivers and explores the promises of God in fighting our fears. She outlines a method that can be put to practical use day by day. This book is packed with scripture to help you overcome fear.


Our world is always in a rush - busy is the new norm. When life leaves you overwhelmed, lonely, anxious and guilt ridden, you may find that the simple act of being still and discovering that the deep end may be where transformation exists. Anjuli walks you through her story and invites you to sit with God at the table of your soul - and be free!

peace is possible

 I have read all of the five books and each has a gift within for your thirsty soul – they will guide you toward streams of Living Water. 

I leave you with a song that I have on repeat at our house: Holy Water by We The Kingdom 

I pray you find peace in uncertain times and remember to stay anchored to the Word. 

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Anchored in the Word | Coast + Anchor | Sara Hinrichs

Ready to get Anchored in the Word?

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