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Anne's Kindred Spirits: Inspired by Anne of Green Gables (#2)

Will you swear to be my friend forever and ever?


The sweet and funny second book in a new early-reader series, starring the spirited and outspoken Anne Shirley as she makes friends and settles into life at Green Gables — with a few hijinks along the way, of course!

Anne is nervous and excited to meet Diana, a neighbor girl who she just knows will be a kindred spirit. She’s even more excited when she learns that she’s invited to her very first picnic! Until Marilla’s precious brooch goes missing and it looks like it’s Anne’s fault. That is, Marilla is upset and Anne’s picnic adventure is now in jeopardy. Ultimately, the misunderstanding with the brooch is resolved and Anne is able to go to the picnic. Anne and Diana’s friendship blossoms and Anne’s bond with Matthew and Marilla grows stronger.

Lovingly adapted by Kallie George with beautiful nostalgic illustrations by Abigail Halpin, this series is perfect for fans of Anne, new and old.

Anne's Kindred Spirits adapted by Kallie George

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In Review

The Anne Chapter books are a series and should be read in order for young children to follow the story. Of course if you already know the classic tale, then reading them as a stand alone is just fine. These chapter books are great adaption for younger readers to be introduced to Anne of Green Gables early on. The illustrations are detailed and help tell the story in picture. The story adaption keeps some of my favorite dialogue and Anne quotes. I’m so glad it wasn’t changed for the younger age or current times. Young readers will enjoy becoming a part of Anne with an “e” story. It’s a great introduction for children to begin their classic reading journey!

** I received a copy of the book from the publisher. All opinions are my own and an honest review of the book.

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